Elementary: Ears to You.

Previously on Elementary: The One Percent Solution. What this episode does, for me, is highlight why this Gareth Lestrade is a prat and a dick, and why we’re all glad to be rid of him. What this episode also does is annoy me that he gets room and board long enough to get his shit […]

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Hannibal: Sorbet.

Previously: Entrée. Today: Sorbet. “How do you see the Ripper?” “I see him as one of those pitiful thing sometimes born in hospitals. They feed it, keep it warm, but they don’t put it on the machines. They let it die. But he doesn’t die. He looks normal. Nobody can tell what he is.” That’s […]

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ITV Commissions New Series of Lewis!

ITV Commissions New Series of Lewis! Laurence Fox tweeted this picture this morning: And then ITV followed up with this press release! Follow the link above to get to the full document. But have this quote before you go: Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox reprise their roles as the detectives who investigate grisly murders against […]

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Elementary: Corpse de Ballet.

Previously on Elementary: Dead Clade Walking. The — aside from the wonderfully unperturbed handling of gender-flexible sexual and/or relationships — relatively uninspired case of a dead ballerina was accompanied by a better look at Joan’s life, values, and motivations; as well as a heartwarming example of the depth of her connection with Sherlock.

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Hannibal: Entrée.

Previously: Coquilles. Today: Entrée. It’s easy to pick my single favourite scene from this episode: aside from the revelation that Hannibal Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper. Aside from the fact that not only Will comes to Hannibal for comfort, but Jack does, too. Aside from the fact that the serial killer who broke Jack’s first […]

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Hannibal: Œuf.

Previously: Potage. Today: Œuf. It just all stacks up so well for Hannibal. This case, the Lost Boys, hitting Will so squarely in the chest as he is caught in his need to help Abigail survive and recover, plays right into Lecter’s hands. Using his anger at being unable to help the boys, Hannibal convinces […]

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