Suits: Bad Faith.

Previously on Suits: Endgame. Suits, you’re about to lose me. Want me to tell you why? Then prepare for this review to be all about Mike and Rachel, because I can’t even be bothered with all the other crap.

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Suits: The Other Time

Previously on Suits: Shadow of a Doubt. The One Where We Go Back in Time to See How Everything Began, So That It May Teach Us All a Lesson. A lot of the time, flashback episodes happen to make characters aware of what they’re doing, to open their eyes to something, to history repeating itself. […]

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Suits: Shadow of a Doubt.

Previously on Suits: Conflict of Interest. Ways in which this episode was much better than the season so far: Mike and Harvey working together again (though the lion share of work was the conflict between Harvey and Stephen) Donna and Stephen continuing their arrangement Mike and Rachel working on a case together and kicking ass […]

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