“Oi! Don’t Diss the Sonic!” — So Much for Drilling You a New One. Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth (1).

Previously on Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice.

Nom nom nom.

Soo, after I’ve been dutifully crying into my breakfast yesterday morning over the finale of Ashes to Ashes, now on to something a bit more cheerful — if equally chilling. “Onward and Downwards” is the motto of this two-parter; or at least it would be, if Downstairs hadn’t decided to change the beat a little. They’re coming Upwards, and they’re all set to incinerate the human race. Continue reading →

Ice Can Burn, Sofas Can Read, It’s a Big Universe! — And the Heating’s Off: Amy’s Choice.

Previously on Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice.

I know who you are. There’s only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do.

And who would that be? Anyway, here we are, the Doctor has just stomped his TARDIS foot down on Amy’s beloved flowerbed, which has Rory quite convinced another regeneration lies ahead — fortunately, the Doctor even survives his very charming “You’ve swallowed a planet!” first thought. I love how he blurts about five minutes later, finally registering: “Are you pregnant?!” — Yeah, uber-Doctor, what the hell else has Amy been saying in this entire conversation? *snort* Well, he’s no OB/GYN. Well, not that we know of. Well… Continue reading →

“So, Save Them!” — The Vampires of Venice. The Wedding Gift. It’s Either That Or Tokens.

New teeth; that’s weird.

Previously on Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone.

You can be such a buzzkill, Doctor.

Erm, ok. Here we are, at Rory’s stag party, which the Doctor has just crashed rather expertly by jumping out. of. the. bloody. cake! Oh, the pictures emerging in my head. ………. Where was I? Right. The episode actually opens in Venice, with a dad trying to get his daughter into the rather fancy “school” the Calvierris are running, but I’ll get back to that later, because, first and foremost, the first few minutes at the party are, one, hilariously funny, two, so wonderfully quotable, and three, setting the tone for the rest of the episode when it comes to outspoken flirtiness. Continue reading →

What’s the Deal with Amy Pond? — Yet Another Round of Speculation Gone Barmy.

When it comes to rumours and speculation about Doctor Who and its intricate plot lines, I’ve come to appreciate flickfilosopher.com the most. In this case, there are some very interesting theories about Amy Pond and her timey-whimey complications, continued after Flesh and Stone. Having wrecked my brain about it, I’d like to think some of those approaches through, trying to work out for myself what they would mean for the characters’ — mostly Amy’s — behaviour. Full credit to the commenters at the Den of Geek and FlickFilosopher for pointing out some of the clues I hadn’t already noticed in Flesh and Stone!, I’m only spinning the whole thing out a little further, using my own bouts of nit-picking when they come in handy. Continue reading →

“I made him say ‘comfy chairs’!” — The Doctor’s in Trouble. Badly. Flesh and Stone (2).


Previously on Doctor Who: The Time of Angels.

There’s one thing you never put in a trap, if you’re smart. If you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there’s one thing you never, ever put in a trap… Me.

What’s in her eye? — The Angels are.

There we are again, on the lovely planet Alfava Metraxis in the Dundra galaxy. Precisely: The Maze of the Dead, underneath the wreck of the Byzantium. Where the Doctor has just shot the gravity globe, thus, turning gravity upside down; the only instruction left: jump! Well, at least that’s a change from “Don’t even blink!” — though Amy seems to have preferred that over “If you open your eyes now for more than a second, you will die.” Well. As you can see above, the statues from the maze have absorbed enough energy that was made available by the Byzantium’s crash and subsequent radiation leak. The formerly degenerated and weakened Angels are back in action, creeping their way through the forest, all the while messing with Amy’s mind. Continue reading →

“You Might Want to Find Something to Hang On to.” — Doctor Who & His Very Awesome Future. Presuming He’ll Ever Get to See It. The Time of Angels (1).

Previously on Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks.

Darling, could you sonic me?

This is my timey-whimey detector. It goes ‘ding’ when there’s stuff. — Blink

Well, here we are. The first of two episodes featuring the fear-inspiring Weeping Angels — and River Song. Seriously: how awesome is that woman? Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll try to stay coherent and chronological, but I can’t promise anything.

It all starts with River blasting her way into a high-security vault, while the Doctor and Amy saunter through a museum — finding the exact same box River is currently (well: 12,000 years before) engraving. And then steal it. Oh, dear.

“There were days, there were many days, when these words could burn stars, raise up empires, and topple gods.” — “…?” — “Hello, sweetie.”

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Would You Care for Some Tea? — Victory of the Daleks. You Rang?

Previously on Doctor Who: The Beast Below.

Oh, no! The Daleks are back! What are we gonna do? Oh, wait, let’s get on the phone and call the Oncoming Storm! Apart from getting there a bit late, that part was a smashing success. But then comes the big surprise. Well, shock, really. The Daleks have implanted an Oblivion Continuum on Earth, in the shape and form of a human, a professor. Professor Bracewell is the name, and he’s got all these brilliant ideas — and no idea how the Hell he comes up with them all the time, but who’s he to complain? The Daleks have managed to make the humans believe that they are dutiful soldiers, driven by samatarian feelings to help them to defeat the Germans. Right. Everything’s fine. But then comes the Doctor, picks up a giant spanner (“Spanner-shh!” Metacrisis, anyone?) and starts banging away, taunting the Dalek and shouting at it for what it’s worth. As we have already seen with previous Doctors, e.g. Nine in Dalek (take a look), that nothing brings out the worst in the Doctor so effectively as a Dalek; the worst here being (self-)righteous anger and desperate frustration at having them turn around and bite him in the arse again. Continue reading →

Did he do the thing? — Doctor Who & “The Beast Below”: So very, very kind.

Previously on Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour.

“In bed above, we’re deep asleep, / While greater love lies further deep. / This dream must end, / This world must know: / We all depend on the beast below.”

Another Sunday, another episode of Doctor Who to distract me from my plight (A-Levels, starting on Tuesday, requiring immediate attention, but who cares)! And what an episode it was — creepy, disgusting, with many funny but far more lump-in-your-throat moments, with a discernible shift in mood in contrast to The Eleventh Hour. Where the first episode of the new series was light and revelling in its all-new glory, this one touched a few of the never-ending dilemmas and conflicts of heart, interest and thinking the Doctor encounters everywhere on his travels, never forgetting anything no matter how much he may want to (Time War again); with his companions always landing smack-bang in the middle of it without some extra time to wrap their minds around it. As usual, the companion in question, Amy Pond, recovers quickly and proves to be made of awesome.

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Trust Me, I’m the Doctor. — Doctor Who S5. All New, But Still Our Mad Man with a Box.

Fortunately, for all of us who live outside of the UK, there are many different ways to stay tuned to BBC’s Doctor Who without a cumbersome (and rather depressing) delay. In short, the internet. Good ol’ World Wide Web, the answer to almost everything — except perhaps the question why in Dickens The Doctor suddenly had a craving for fish fingers and custard. Anyway, it’s Easter, and possibly the best Easter ever. Well — maybe the second best — well, depends on how great next year’s Easter episode’s going to be. Speaking of “well” as a way of correcting yourself (boy, David Tennant really nailed his Doctor’s mannerisms): Matt Smith’s Doctor hasn’t quite let go of the legendary “What? … What?…. WHAT?!” And why would he? Timey-whimey. Continue reading →