Just a quick note:

Yes, there is a snippet of the Ninth/Tenth Doctors’ coral TARDIS theme and console in the trailer for Series 6. However, the guy on the right is NOT David Tennant, it’s Rory (with Amy). You can tell by his facial structure and clothes (and her flaming red hair). Although I have absolutely no bloody idea […]

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The Tension Is Palpable.

Last night, two things were revealed by the BBC: A prequel to the first episode of Series 6, The Impossible Astronaut, and an “iconic image,” downloadable as a 16×9 or 4×3 wallpaper. The image: The prequel: No, I’m not scared out of my pants. Not at all, why would you think that? Because I’m currently […]

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Curse You, Moffat! *shakes fist*

Disclaimer: All cursing Moffat and shaking fists at him comes from a place of love. It’s affectionate exasperation, Whovians. No need for hissy fits. But on with the blind, unreasoning rage: What? … What? … WHAT?! Yes, exactly. The BBC have announced they’re going to split transmission of Doctor Who into spring and autumn screenings. […]

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