“As if men had a monopoly on murder” — Elementary: the Complete Finale of Season 1

Previously on Elementary: Dead Man’s Switch. Because the last four episodes of Season 1 of Elementary focus on Sherlock’s hunt for Moriarty, I wanted to take the time and watch and review it in one go. I have found that complex stories often work better when watched in marathon, so I wanted to give it […]

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Elementary: Snow Angels.

Previously on Elementary: Déjà Vu All Over Again. What do a pretend holding cell riot, a blizzard, a murder, and about 200 stolen smartphones have in common? They’re all being pestered by two consulting detectives with things to do and places to be.

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Elementary: Possibility Two.

Previously on Elementary: Details. The case runs like this: rich guy thinks he’s being genetically engineered to kick the bucket. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t believe it’s possible. Rich guy then shoots his driver, Sherlock takes the case—and a bee that’s, apparently, worth a whole load of money. Sherlock investigates and his theories bring all the boys […]

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Elementary: The Red Team.

Previously on Elementary: M. Apart from this being one of the more convoluted cases of the season, this is the fall-out. If last episode hadn’t ended any differently, Sherlock could have been facing trial and a hefty prison sentence now—but he’s free, he’s fine (mostly). He’s also suspended from consulting with the NYPD. Sherlock knew […]

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