Elementary: Ears to You.

Previously on Elementary: The One Percent Solution. What this episode does, for me, is highlight why this Gareth Lestrade is a prat and a dick, and why we’re all glad to be rid of him. What this episode also does is annoy me that he gets room and board long enough to get his shit […]

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Elementary: Corpse de Ballet.

Previously on Elementary: Dead Clade Walking. The — aside from the wonderfully unperturbed handling of gender-flexible sexual and/or relationships — relatively uninspired case of a dead ballerina was accompanied by a better look at Joan’s life, values, and motivations; as well as a heartwarming example of the depth of her connection with Sherlock.

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Elementary: The Diabolical Kind

Previously on Elementary: Internal Audit. “You look tired.” “You look evil.” And thus, with the story of Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and bona fide genius, becomes a conversation between women. An intelligent conversation based on wit and deception and morality — not petty jealousy or cat-fighting.

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Elementary: On the Line.

Previously on Elementary: Blood Is Thicker. Following a scenario paying homage to The Problem of Thor Bridge, Sherlock and the team discover that Lucas Bundsch may not have shot Samantha Wabash, but he sure as bullets killed her sister. The hunt for the serial killer is on.

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