Freelance artist Billy Hanshaw’s title sequence idea will become part of Doctor Who’s new signature opening

Now, pretty much the best thing for any fan is to create a thing, have the creators and/or show runners come across it, and have them love it, perhaps give you a retweet or a shout-out. What’s even better than that — well, to have it integrated into the actual show. It’s happened to Will Graham’s dog Applesauce, but probably no-one thought they’d get as  far as Billy Hanshaw. The freelance motion graphics artist created a title sequence for Doctor Who’s up and coming 8th series, creating a beautiful tapestry of time and space. He posted it on youtube, where it’s attracted a huge number of viewers and admirers, including show runner Steven Moffat, who liked it so much he approached Hanshaw about using his idea — in fact, a huge part of the animation as it is in his original video — in the new title/credits sequence for the Twelfth Doctor’s first run in the TARDIS.

See the gorgeous animation below:

Source: SPACE Blogs’s article, by Neil