Almost Human: Simon Says

Almost Human review: Simon Says

Previously on Almost Human: Arrhythmia.

“Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable? Like a coma?”

Dorian’s cranky because his power levels are low. So, when Dorian’s cranky and someone like Det. Paul insults his partner, on top of giving MXs charging priority, then there’s one certain subroutine that kicks in. You know the one. Talk shit, get hit. Continue reading →

Almost Human review: Arrhythmia.

Previously on Almost Human: Blood Brothers.

Oh good, there’s two of them.

This episode of Almost Human gives us many things: a Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? reference in the form of the Luger test, designed to detect faulty DRNs, an organ harvesting crime story, and the issue of government property and god, destiny, and free human will all up in the machine. Continue reading →

Almost Human review: Are You Receiving?

Previously on Almost Human: Skin.

“You know how I take my coffee?”
“Yes, I, unlike you, I pay attention to details, like what time it is. And what time you’re supposed to pick up your partner for shift.”
“Oh, I pay attention to details, like you just stuck your finger in my coffee!”
“If you like, I could stick it somewhere else.”

And the fanfic just writes itself.

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Almost Human: Pilot.

Welcome to Los Angeles in 2048.

After technology has advanced so far that it was nearly impossible for governments to keep up with the acceleration, organised crime has soared. To fight back, the LAPD developed combat-ready androids.

Two years after Detective John Kennex’s team was ambushed on a raid against the Syndicate, human officers are routinely partnered with the MX kind of droid. John Kennex, however, isn’t your usual human cop.

Enter Dorian, a DRN droid, part of the decommissioned Synthetic Soul programme. He’s almost human, too. And thus begins the story of two unlikely partners — both special. Both almost human.

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