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Lesley Sharp, Amelia Bullmore, and Suranne Jones

Scott & Bailey: Series 4, Episode 2 (Tough Love).

Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey, ITV dramaPreviously on Scott & Bailey: Series 4, Episode 1.

In this second episode of Scott & Bailey, the focus lay squarely on the reopening of a cold case, the disappearance and, since new evidence has come to light, subsequent murder of Mandy Sweeting. 23 years old, that case is, and it still rattles the Syndicate, the victim’s loved ones, and, as ever, the press.

The case is all the more important to Rob — not only because it would be an amazing case to work on cracking so many years later, but because his dad was second-in-charge during the original investigation. An investigation that was flawed, one-tracked, and lacking in oversight.

Or, as Rachel would say, it was shit.