Lewis: Intelligent Design (5+6).

Previously on Lewis: The Ramblin’ Boy.


Now, is it just me, or has all the shit in the universe been raining down on Hathaway these last six or seven episodes? Thought so. While it’s not a strictly scientific observation, I must say: this isn’t just existential flu, this is a properly depressing cluster-cuss.

So’s the case, basically.

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Lewis: The Ramblin’ Boy (3+4).

Previously on Lewis: Down Among the Fearful.

The Ramblin' Boy (2)

This was much better! After episodes 1 + 2, I was a bit concerned that either I’d lost my spark, or Lewis had; but this two-parter had a lot more energy and more pull. The case was interesting and engaging, and it didn’t veer off the path the way the last one did. Plus, not only was the script (written by Lucy Gannon) tighter, plot-wise, it also showed more zest and, dare I say it, spurious glamour in dialogue, pacing, and characterisation.

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