“Squeaky Bum Time!” — Time Can Be Rewritten. Doctor Who: Cold Blood (2).


Previously on Doctor WhoThe Hungry Earth.

Dear, dear Chris. I’ll be honest with you. It wasn’t completely boring, it didn’t have me look at the clock thinking ‘Oh, how long is this gonna take to get over with itself’, and the question of how they were going to manoeuvre themselves out of the dead sister thing did have me genuinely worried. Needless to say, I cried and cussed when Rory, poor Rory, caught the figurative bullet meant for the Doctor, died in Amy’s arms and, just to top that off, got removed from time and history by the Time Field behind the crack; effectively wiped from everyone’s except the Doctor’s memory. Oh, bloody wonderful. As I said, it wasn’t completely horrible, but this two-parter was the weakest of this new series, when it comes to wonky writing and not-so-sparkly-as-we’ve-enjoyed-before dialogue.

I’ll just get the plot and the writing and acting over with before I come to what’s this episode actually telling and, in some ways, teaching us. Continue reading →

“Oi! Don’t Diss the Sonic!” — So Much for Drilling You a New One. Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth (1).

Previously on Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice.

Nom nom nom.

Soo, after I’ve been dutifully crying into my breakfast yesterday morning over the finale of Ashes to Ashes, now on to something a bit more cheerful — if equally chilling. “Onward and Downwards” is the motto of this two-parter; or at least it would be, if Downstairs hadn’t decided to change the beat a little. They’re coming Upwards, and they’re all set to incinerate the human race. Continue reading →

“You Might Want to Find Something to Hang On to.” — Doctor Who & His Very Awesome Future. Presuming He’ll Ever Get to See It. The Time of Angels (1).

Previously on Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks.

Darling, could you sonic me?

This is my timey-whimey detector. It goes ‘ding’ when there’s stuff. — Blink

Well, here we are. The first of two episodes featuring the fear-inspiring Weeping Angels — and River Song. Seriously: how awesome is that woman? Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll try to stay coherent and chronological, but I can’t promise anything.

It all starts with River blasting her way into a high-security vault, while the Doctor and Amy saunter through a museum — finding the exact same box River is currently (well: 12,000 years before) engraving. And then steal it. Oh, dear.

“There were days, there were many days, when these words could burn stars, raise up empires, and topple gods.” — “…?” — “Hello, sweetie.”

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