The Rules.

“Good men don’t need rules.”
“And now is not the time to find out why I have so many.”

— Madame Kovarian and the Doctor in A Good Man Goes to War

This blog was created to write about things that excite me — and to hone my craft. When I made this website, I was just finishing my Abitur and preparing for university. As a way of practising both writing for entertainment and analysis of audiovisual media, especially television series, this blog started out as my way of finding my footing.

What do I look for, and why?

The focus of the academic lens I’m watching through shifted towards feminist and gender analysis as well as intersectional diversity. My main underlying interest is narrative and discourse analysis: what does a show talk about, and how? It’s not just about the art of storytelling and plotting, it’s also about the implicit and explicit arguments that the narrative presents us with, and how these arguments are constructed. The other main focus is characterisation — how does the narrative drive the character, and how does the character drive the narrative? How are a character’s personality and circumstances developed, what is their position relative to other characters? I often spend a lot more time pondering the inner workings of my favourite characters than I do the Case/Monster/Alien of the Week.

Language, themes, and favourite genres

Now, I write about things differently than I used to, and my opinions and attitudes will continue to evolve. But what I can promise you is that, yes, I use profanity. I tend to use strong language when I’m particularly excited about/annoyed/upset/creeped out by something; and I don’t think that’s a problem. I also discuss potentially triggering themes — if there is anything you’d like me to tag specifically, let me know, it’s no trouble.

The genre I seem to be most drawn to is that of the crime procedural; but any sort of mini-series or full-season show may grab my interest. Other genres I’m into include SciFi, Horror/Gothic, and psycho thrillers. I appreciate a dash, or even a full side-dish, of comedy, but I enjoy the dark pieces just as much.

Viewing habits and working process

I may stop watching/reviewing things. I get very attached to my favourite characters, and when I feel that a show is mistreating them — especially characters pissed on by patriarchy — I may decide to stop wasting my time on it. This blog isn’t really the place for hate-watching. I may have love-hate relationships with some of my shows, but I don’t keep watching if something infuriates me, only to tear it apart every week. Emotions are the key to this entire thing: I invest a lot of them. I believe that that makes me a better reviewer, but it also gets in the way of not getting upset.

Update November 2016: after a prolonged break due to works and Other Things™, I am now working on getting the blog back to regular programming. That means, my goal is to upload weekly, following one show in “real time,” and once I’m back in the swing of things, another in retrospect, either by story arc or even season/series. I’ll also review pilot episodes for new shows that interest me. Something else I have planned is to add video reviews at some point during the winter — not with my face in it, but scenes overlaid with voiceover, sort of as a tl;dr addition to the review post. The Gilmore Girls revival is coming later this month, so my goal is to be starting this new format then.

The rules are simple: I give nothing but my honest opinion about a show or movie that I mostly watched literally minutes before writing about it. My responses are made of gut feeling and quick thinking.

If you like this blog, do share it with your fellow readers. And the most important thing, visit me in the comments and share your own take on things!


  1. Can’t wait to read your take on John finally getting to break Sherlock’s nose! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog because you focus on the characters and the deeper connections – that’s where my focus is, too. You share my love for Sherlock and Lewis, and your language is delicious. Many thanks for writing 🙂



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