Almost Human: Pilot.

Welcome to Los Angeles in 2048.

After technology has advanced so far that it was nearly impossible for governments to keep up with the acceleration, organised crime has soared. To fight back, the LAPD developed combat-ready androids.

Two years after Detective John Kennex’s team was ambushed on a raid against the Syndicate, human officers are routinely partnered with the MX kind of droid. John Kennex, however, isn’t your usual human cop.

Enter Dorian, a DRN droid, part of the decommissioned Synthetic Soul programme. He’s almost human, too. And thus begins the story of two unlikely partners — both special. Both almost human.

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BBC Original Drama: The Escape Artist Trailer Premieres Tomorrow, October 15

BBC Original Drama: The Escape Artist Trailer Premieres Tomorrow, October 15

Click the image for the tweet.

The BBC One twitter handle announced earlier this evening that tomorrow at 7.30am (BST), a new original drama trailor is going to premiere: David Tennant stars as a barrister in The Escape Artist. I don’t know exactly who thought that 7.30am would be the best time for something like this, but the Tennant fandom is mighty and determined. Alarm clocks will be set.

Whitechapel Ratings Continue Downturn

Whitechapel Ratings Continue Downturn

Overnight viewing figures were at 4.1m viewers for Episode 1 of Series 4, then climbed to 5.55m to accommodate ITV player views. Figures including the ITV player rent sales of the second episode, however, still dropped to 4.09m. My prediction that the buzz created by people already having seen the second ep wouldn’t necessarily work in the show’s favour came true, then. Overnight ratings for Episodes 3 and 4 are lower still, and even including rent sales and simple stream access I’m afraid it might not top Episode 2, let alone Episode 1. At least more people were curious as to the resolution of the second case — perhaps the first parts weren’t exciting enough? Perhaps the — now familiar — format encourages a viewing pattern that isn’t exactly ideal?

In any case, these ratings are the least successful in Whitechapel‘s four-series run.

Neil Cross releases graphic interpretation of lost flashback scene.

And if anyone still had a doubt that Ripley was made for Luther, and that the creators of this series were as in love with their relationship as the fandom was…

The image was released on the show’s facebook page, with a few words from Neil Cross himself.

But one last thing. Originally, I’d hoped to begin the final episode with a flashback featuring dear, dead Justin Ripley. (I know. I miss him, too.) It was one of my favourite scenes of the series, but for one reason or another we didn’t shoot it.

However, for the die-hards out there — and there must be a couple of you, right? — here’s a graphic interpretation of that lost scene.

I have to admit, I choked up a little when I read it. Because — well, goodbyes always make me tearful.

The 23rd of November shall be ‘The Day of the Doctor.’


thedayofthedoctor ten and eleven

From the BBC website comes this part of the announcement:

With special programmes planned across the BBC the celebrations will peak on 23 November with the anniversary episode, revealed as ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt, the special for BBC One has been confirmed as feature length with 75 minutes of adventure.

Whitechapel Ratings Cut Down By Half

18/09/2013 — Edit: the ratings for Episode 4.01 have been revised, the ratings for the second episode are not yet available.


Yes, dear readers, I was as flummoxed by this as you probably are. The returning series premiere of Whitechapel last week reached only (revised numbers as of 18/09/2013): 5.55 million people (4.10m overnight), which is an all-time low for the popular ITV show. Continue reading →

Blog Stats: ‘Sherlock’ Kills the Numbers.

Stats Ausschnitt

Of course I’m a nosy blogger—I want to know what brought you lot here. So, every now and then, I check the stats and the referrers and search terms to see what’s been going on. And ever since January, 2012, I couldn’t help but notice that, pretty reliably and unless something big happens on Doctor Who, my review of Sherlock‘s The Reichenbach Fall is the top post. I kept checking daily for a while, and that fact never changed. Every damn day most people who find my blog end up reading about Sherlock on a roof. Continue reading →